Gleaming beauty indefinitely, The elegance of stainless steel complements any design scheme. Incorporates the known corrosion resistant benefits of type 304 stainless steel. Easily maintained, even scratches can be buffed out. Satin or textured finish. Available in all styles.

Plastic (HDPE)

Highly resistant to common cleaning agents as well as to moisture, mildew, and graffiti. Ideal choice for busy public facilities and high humidity application—never needs painting and will not easily dent, rust, or delaminate. Available in a wide variety of colors and mounting styles. Floor Anchored/Overhead Braced, Ceiling Hung, and Floor and Ceiling Anchored styles.

Powder Coated 

High-tech quality at an economical price. Thermoset hybrid powder finish on galvannealed steel is highly resistant to corrosion, grease, acids, caustics, mars, and stains. A broad range of contemporary colors to complement any interior. Available in all styles.

Plastic Laminate 
Moisture Guard

ASI's exclusive Plastic Laminate Partitions with Moisture Guard Edge Banding. Our Moisture Guard Edge Banding fuses with the substrate creating a seamless beveled profile that eliminates any unsightly black lines that appear in standard Plastic Laminate.

Black Core 

Holds up even under severe moisture conditions from showers, pools, and saunas, or when maintenance includes hosing down toilet partitions. Ideal for where vandalism is a problem. In a full color spectrum—all with black edges. Available in all styles.


Color-Thru Phenolic lives up to its name, with surface color through and through. This product is impact, scratch, and graffiti resistant. It also has excellent screw-holding power and all the advantages of traditional Phenolic performance. Available in all styles and attractive colors.

Alpaco Classic 

A marriage of simplicity and functionality creates a collection that has ASI's exclusive Ultimate Privacy™ at its heart. Zero sightline doors and pilasters meet in a flush finish with routed, overlapping closures for guaranteed privacy.

Alpaco Elegance 

This visually appealing collection is ideal for the most aesthetically demanding applications. The signature stainless steel top rail provides structural stability and style, while the corners and door panels are perfectly rounded for a refined and elegant appearance. And the self-closing doors create a clean look throughout the bathroom even when unoccupied. Elegant hardware and adjustable pedestals seamlessly complete the look. If you're looking for strength, comfort, beauty, and durability, the Elegance collection has it all.

Alpaco Kids 

Our child friendly partitions are engineered to offer the best and safest features. Door and panel heights are sized to be more appropriate for children, and doors are finished at the top in a semi-circle for a playful look and feel. For safety, doors have only fixed knobs, so caretakers have access to the partitions.

ASI Accurate Partitions reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice.